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Fire may be one of the most destructive elements of nature but it can be effectively controlled by proper prevention methods. Fire extinguishers were specifically built to extinguish fires in early stages.

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Professional Fire Extinguisher Inspection And Services

It is a quick and effective way to stop fires from spreading in your building. Fire extinguisher in a commercial building is a must. Proper inspection by professionals can help to keep these fire extinguishers in working condition. Champion Fire Extinguisher Inspection And Service Co. is a licensed and insured fire extinguisher inspection company operating in NYC for more than 20 years now. We have helped thousands of buildings in NYC to remove code violations and make their premises safer. We have skilled and knowledgeable people working for us, who know how to thoroughly inspect your fire extinguisher.

All buildings in NYC need to strictly follow OSHA and NFPA guidelines. Places such as offices, schools, hospitals, shops, malls, warehouses, industries, production lines, etc, need to install fire appropriate extinguishers in their building in addition to fire alarms, sprinklers and other fire prevention systems. We are one of the best known fire extinguisher inspection companies in NYC. 

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Fire Extinguisher

Why Choose Us?

We take fire protection seriously. If you want to remove code violations, we are the people you need to come to. We make it easy to inspect the issue, and solve it. We are a complete solution to your fire extinguisher inspection, installation and maintenance in NYC. We have made a name for ourselves for being one of the most trustworthy. We work with trained professionals and a certified team who inspect your fire extinguisher.

Here is what we check

1. We check if the fire extinguishers are installed in a place where they are visible. If your commercial building is multi-stored, the fire extinguisher should be installed on every floor. The distance between two fire extinguishers shouldn’t be more than 15 metres. There should be emergency lights installed on every floor. The wall mounting should be secured but dismounting the fire extinguisher should be easy.

2. We check if there are any damages on the fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher that is meddled with will have wrong pressure gauge reading, broken pressure gauge, removed pin, dents, corrosion and other types of damages.

3. if the fire extinguisher is rechargeable, and need recharging we can recharge your fire extinguisher.

4. We will check if you have the right type of fire extinguisher installed in your commercial property.

Champion Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. are here to help you secure your property and make it safer for your employees and customers. Give us a call today to set an appointment.

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Champion Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Service Co. is proud of helping thousands of commercial buildings keep their safety in check by inspecting their fire extinguisher system. We are also licensed to supply fire extinguishers, refill fire extinguishers and check your fire protection system. Our team is trained and well-versed in federal as well as National Fire Protection codes. We are thorough when it comes to checking your fire extinguisher and making sure it is working. You can trust on Champion Fire Extinguisher Inspection And Service Co. to provide you quality fire extinguisher inspection and give you the paperwork of authentication of service afterwards.


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