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Ansul fire system is most commonly installed in restaurants and commercial kitchens. They have automatic fire suppression units that can reload. In places which are prone to catching fires, the Ansul system can be life savers.

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Professional Ansul System Inspection 

They are fast to respond to fires. They can effectively limit the spread of fire and the duration of it. They are highly effective with their single- or dual-agent suppressants. The Ansul system can automatically shut off gas and electricity devices and minimize damage. They have a fast recovery time and are ready to protect you from the next fire. To ensure your Ansul system is always working properly, inspection is a must. Commercial fire protection code requires you to get inspection twice a year of your Ansul system. We are licensed and certified to inspect your Ansul system in Long Island. We have been doing this job for more than 20 years now, and know where to look for issues. We can only inspect but repair any issue your Ansul system has in your Long Island Property. Champion Fire Extinguisher Inspection And Service Co. has trained and certified professionals who keep their knowledge upgraded to keep up with modern changes in the new Ansul systems. We ensure proper functioning of your Ansul system. A proper inspection by professionals is important for following compliances and keeping everyone safe. 

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Here is how we Inspect Ansul System

  • We inspect the nozzle of the Ansul system located in fire prone areas. Areas such as trash cans, electric panels, ovens, stove tops, etc.
  • We make sure there is nothing obstructing the nozzle and they are clean.
    There shouldn’t be any sign of tampering of the system.
  • We will check the pressure gauges showing right readings.
  • Check the sensors.
  • Change the fusible link that cuts the lines in during fire, every two years.
  • See if the gas shut off valves are working.
    See if the remote pull stations are working.
  • See if the alarm system is working.
    Check the data of the last 12 years of inspection.
  • Document all the observations carefully.
    We will put the inspection service tag date on the system.

Our experts at Champion Fire Extinguisher Inspection And Service Co. will assist you with installing a fire prevention system in a new or existing kitchen. We have a lot of experience with ANSUL equipment and can take care of anything, including:
Mounting the nozzles and piping of your Ansul system. They are essential for the deliverance of the fire extinguisher material. We can help you follow some good practices to keep your ansul system in the best condition possible. If your ansul isn’t working as effectively we have trained professionals who can take care of the issue then and there.

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We can install the Flame and heat detectors. They can detect the flames that are more than usual cooktop flame and activate the ansul system to function. We ensure that the fire suppression tanks and cabinet are being mounted. We also make sure that the control panel and manual pull station are being mounted. We will install the electrical and gas shutoffs to prevent further spread of fire. We also build fusible links. Our implementation services follow all of fire protection code specifications. Give us a call today for ansul system inspection today.


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